Hot Mess Success (TM)

Hot Mess Success (TM)

Nikki Barnard, Owner & Creator, Hot Mess Success

I have been asked to share my story several times in the last few years. The first time I was asked to talk about my journey to success, I laughed. And then I got really scared. I laughed because it was insane to me that someone saw me as successful, and I was scared because I was sure soon, they’d see all my shortcomings as a business owner and know I was a fraud.

Sure, I had pitched my business and won a business grant, but I still felt like I didn’t have a clue about running a business. Some days I was killing it. Other days I was overwhelmed and wanted to hide under the covers. I felt chaotic and undeserving of this recognition. I read books and articles about business success. In my mind, they all had a common theme: get it together and stop being a hot mess.

I’ve been a hot mess my whole life! I have ADHD and my brain always seems to be going a mile a minute. I am always thinking about new business ideas, products, and services. But I would go to a networking event or read people’s successes online and think, “I wish I was as organized, put together, or as successful as them! It must be nice to just always have  it together.”

Then last year I went to a business retreat. I opened up and said I just feel chaotic, all the time. And I was shocked to hear the other ladies say they feel the same way, often!

And that was when I realized I had been going about it all wrong. I don’t need to ‘overcome’ my hot mess self. I need to embrace it! That is what makes me creative, eternally optimistic, and not afraid to spout off about my next big idea.

We always talk about meeting people where they’re at. But we never extend that same grace to ourselves. Meet yourself where you’re at and make the most of it! Success is not becoming something or someone else. Success is taking what you have been given and making it work in your favor! Today, I proudly proclaim that my name is Nikki Barnard and I am a Hot Mess Success™.

If you too are a Hot Mess Success, welcome!!! You are not alone. Embrace your Hot Mess Sucess self! And outsource the rest!

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